What's your most important goal for this week?

Shiva Prabhakaran
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If you set weekly goals, share them in the comments. Mine is to ship 3 stellar pieces of content for my newsletter.


Bogomil Shopov - Бого
To prepare for my PI Planning. thanks for asking :)
I will do some things to get more upvotes for Remotewx
Fatoumata from We Ynspire
Finding beta users for my mobile app to validate my idea
Christopher Paige
My goal for this week is to pass Ny'alotha raid. If you are playing WoW Classic, you know what I'm talking about. At the end of May I started to pass the Ny'alotha raid. I don't know how you can actually go through it on your own. It's very difficult. In the raid, you need to fight 12 bosses and defeat N'zoth. This week I decided to take the help of SSEGold and bought Visions of N'zoth carry. I hope that the veil will be destroyed and concepts and nightmares brought to the world as we know it.