Which of these 3 logo options is best?

Ryan Glass
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I've designed 3 logos for twitMate but cant settle on one. Each option has both dark and light variations as it will need to work on both dark and light backgrounds. Which do you think is best? Option 1: Option 2: Option 3:


Karol Sidorowski
First or secont. Third have a strange combination of colors . With Option 2 you can use colored square as a leading element during identification, the first option is not very distinctive.
Reza Ghenaat
Hi @ryan_w_glass I choose the first one because it has better readability. The latter is also good but a little hard to read. The third is not good because it has many colors and makes it difficult to read.
I like the first or second best. And I think I'd go with the first one. it's slightly clearer brand than the second, which is good starting out.
Cica-Laure Mbappé
Hi, I prefer the second logo. I like the orange dot it makes the logo more recognizable.
Christine Renee
@cica_laure_mbappe I agree. The orange dot is what makes #2 my pick.
Elena Vakhromova
the first one. two colours are enough
Option 1 is great :)
Ryan Glass
Thanks for your feedback everyone - much appreciated. I have gone with Option 1!
Jaskiran Kaur
Option 1 is looking great , you should go with that, it is trendy as well as timeless at the same time.