Help me choose between these two domain names?

Ryan Glass
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I am in the early stages of starting a new project and choosing a domain name. I aim to build this in the open so I thought I'd start with asking for your opinion on a domain name - I've narrowed it down to either: or The product is going to be a Twitter management service where I fully manage Twitter accounts for customers including creating Tweets, choosing images and hashtags, scheduling daily tweets, managing followers/follows and growing an audience sustainably. The tweets, hashtags, images will be hand-crafted but the scheduling etc will be automated through the official Twitter API. Over the last few months I've tried this out in-house for a few client's that I provide SEO/social media services for and it's been a hit. So I'm taking the step of developing it into it's own product. My personal feeling is that twitKit sounds better but twitMate describes the product better. There is also a small branding issue with twitKit in that there's an old, no longer used, Firefox extension with the same name. It's not a showstopper since there is no Trademark or website but they do still have a Twitter handle and github page etc. With this in mind which do you think is best?


Pandu Shree
Both sounds good and represent the product efficiently. I'd go with twitkit (shorter)
Anthony Pannell
Twitkit sounds better in my opinion. Having a name that doesn't make it super obvious what the product does forces you to really think about your positioning and messaging.
Susy Johnson
I like the way twitkit sounds. It's snappy! a good way.
Bill Flitter
Choosing the name and domain name can be nerve-racking! I feel you. I prefer TwitMate. "Twittter's best friend" do it for you service. Will you expand beyond Twitter? - Bill
Ryan Glass
@billflitter Thanks for the feedback - much appreciated! Intending to keep this entirely Twitter focused as I'm not a huge fan of the other social media platforms.
Ramon Mendez
TwitKit flows so much better imo.
Danielle Castrow
Both names sound great but I personally prefer "twitmate". Added bonus, you won't have to deal with the branding issues you mentioned.
Both sounds really good to me. I’d say go with the twitkit if you are certain name isn’t an issue, otherwise twitmate.
Katrin Kaurov
I love twitkit - it sounds young, fresh and fun!
Rowe Morehouse
twikit … easier to type, more fun to say. :)
Ryan Glass
Thanks everyone for the feedback - in the end I bought both domains but have gone with (basic home page just up). As well as this thread I got some feedback on IndieHackers and Makerlog and it was a close run thing. Although I prefer the snappiness of twitKit the fact that there was another product (even ten years dead) out there with the same name and Twitter handle was the clincher. It will just be one less thing to think about. I'll probably be asking a few more questions as this has been a real eye-opener for the benefits of building in the open. Psyched for getting on with the build!
Drew Bredvick
Any chance you purchased twitkit? Would love to buy it off you if so (not a competitor based on what I can tell from twitmate landing page)
Ryan Glass
@dbredvick I did! Thanks for the interest - I am planning to use this for a user led automated version rather than the service of twitMate but I am open to selling if the price is right. Drop me an email at if you'd like to make an offer.