Which is the best plagiarism site?

Md Raisul Islam
29 replies
I think Turnitin, Wbu?


Ahmadullah Junaeid
I think 1.CopyScape 2. Grammarly
Leah Angles
I think CopyScape
I hope you meant plagiarism detection* site. :) Turnitin is definitely the most popular. Helps with citations. Is widely used in the academic/research community - one of the groups most concerned about plagiarism.
Irene Smith
I use CopyScape + Grammarly
robiul haque
generally I use copyscape, grammarly etc.
Redwan Akash
I'll suggest PlagScan.
Mary Gipson
Long time i used Scribbr site and also Grammarly.
Jack Zappa
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