What mistakes should people make at least once in their lives?

Md Raisul Islam
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I think it is to trust your enemy. What are you thinking?


Md. Majharul Karim
Believing in a person who does not deserve it.
Taras Lanchev
It's not really a mistake as such, but I think people should fail at least once at something big that they care deeply about. It humbles you and changes the way you think of yourself and what you do. I don't think there is a shortcut to this learning. Going through it seems to be the only way.
David J. Kim
@tarasmuz I'd go as far to say this might be something everyone experiences. You can't have all the things you want in life. Not at the first try, at least.
Leah Angles
Trusting the Wrong People. Almost everyone has made the mistake of trusting the wrong person.
Ruben Wolff
Maybe diving in a project when being unprepared. Gets you to realize what is important and what you can spend less time on. But it's quite stressful as well so I also don't know if this really is a good mistake to make intentionally haha
Adrian Cole
Build a product no one uses.
Md Raisul Islam
@adriancole Yah that's might be right, But i think, everyone don't made this mistake in their life for once!
Adrian Cole
@md_raisul_islam_bappy My response was from the view of a builder. If it's generally speaking, then I think everyone should travel overseas for an extended period of time. I'm not sure if this counts as a mistake but it's something I highly recommend.
Every first mistake in life is worth committing as long as we make sure to learn from them... More the mistakes, more the real growth in life!
Natalie Karakina
Believe in idea and build product without custdev :)))
Manish Rawat
Take an unplanned journey
Jaskiran Kaur
I think by going for the things you are not much sure, what will be the output but you wanted to try. Many successful people have tried these and that is what that made them successful.
Justin Chitla
Buy the web domain before doing anything else
Side Hustle Swipe
My daughter didn't understand the concept of "hot" until she finally touched a hot pan despite my wife and I describing it for her for months. Now she really gets it and doesn't try to touch pans. It's best if you can learn from other people's mistakes, but sometimes the lesson won't sink in until you do it for yourself. Everyone should, at least once, date someone who you are extremely attracted to, but is the wrong person for you. You'll usually never know who Mr. or Ms. Right is until you've spent time with Mr./Ms. Wrong.
Fajar Siddiq
I think you let people work with you then they back out. From "back out" you can see how people treat you. What they need and what they want to focus on. From there you can understand more. But some things are unfortunate.
David J. Kim
I would say: working on the wrong thing. What I mean by that is either working a job you don't like, or working on a product you don't like but has a good opportunity. We went through the latter. You need to experience some bad to truly appreciate the good. For us, working on something we were passionate about made it a lot easier to push ourselves and go the extra mile.
On the lighter side, forget wallet when you go on a holiday with friends. Oops..
Deep Eiem
love with wrong people.deal life journey with immaturity..
Be kind to a person who you KNOW would not be kind in return, in the future.
Prateek Majumder
I guess everyone should, at least once in their lives make a small financial mistake. This makes one realise the value of money and make better saving and investment plannings.
Marlet Kervolin
To be the best version of yourself, you have to have lived through the worst things because it is by living through these things that you realize what is good or bad. So I think people have to fail (at work, at sport, in love, or whatever) to become the best version of themselves
Evan Stewart
Have a company fail. I've learned a TON in my time of fighting to earn what what one day I would want to keep. Those times building a "wartime CEO" mentality are invaluable.