Any tips on how to capture insights while listening to podcasts?

Valentin Haarscher
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Since we are all doing something else while listening to podcasts (that's the good thing about it no ?), writing down key points or summary is always difficult or impossible (e.g. when I drive my bicycle or a car). Any app or tool out there that helps solve this problem?


Benoit Chambon
@sideklick as a great podcast consumer, I think you can help ;)
Sarah Jordi
No advice from me, but I'm also interested in the answers here! :) I just note down stuff in the notes app on my phone, but that's not really scalable.
Elen Udovichenko
I would definitely use some tips too! I am terrible at auditory comprehension and easily get distracted while listening to podcasts or audio books πŸ˜–
Nathan Lively
It's not perfect, but I have Drafts on my phone and watch so I can push a button at any time and transcribe some text. 2 problems: 1. The note lacks context. 2. Not great when I have a winter coat on.
Valentin Haarscher
@nathandofrango Thanks Nathan, indeed if you add context to high quality transcript that would be perfect (I would also love to have a transcription of the 15 seconds before the push of the button πŸ‘Œ)
Prabhat Sahu
I have come across this app called Airr - Highlight podcast. It isn't perfect but gets the job done
Slava Bobrov
There is a technique called Mind Palace which allows to quickly remember items.
Mona Erb
Fold laundry, clean the apartment, cooking, going for a run, rearranging things in the household... stuff like that