Which growth channel has worked best for you?

Anil Matcha
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As bootstrappers we juggle between multiple platforms to get early users for our product and to gain traction. Which channel gave you the best returns so far


Anil Matcha
I have got mixed results from all these platforms Overall I felt Indiehackers to be friendly to someone starting out Twitter is great if someone already has good following or if someone is consistent and shared data on a regular basis Producthunt is great for launches but the rest of the features like community are still new
Paul Mit
@matcha_anil hwy Anil, thanks for the post and do you have invite to IndieHackers?
Alina Ihnatiuk
I get more feedback on Reddit
Anil Matcha
@antonovna Which subreddits worked for you ? And if you can share tips on what kind of content works well on Reddit
José Herazo
In my case twitter, but it goes really slow unfortunately. I'd like to try indiehackers but I haven't been able to find an invite code, do you know where to find one by the way? @matcha_anil
Paul Mit
I think that while beginning a new product you should try all this channels. The effect can be very slow, but the effort will ensure a positive result on all sites.