How are you monetizing GPTs ?

Anil Matcha
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Andrei Bucur
writing ebooks and building agents. got to start small 😹
Anil Matcha
@andreibucur What agents are you building ?
Andrei Bucur
@matcha_anil this is the experiment: do you know any effective anti jailbreaks? gotta work on security more:D
Andres Olarte
At this moment just waiting for the OpenAI Revenue Sharing model hahah, I just build to showcase the better ones
Chedli Jelassi
I manage a social media marketing agency, leveraging ChatGPT to craft offers, presentations, and outreach emails for my clients. While it's not directly tied to monetization, it has significantly expedited the process of acquiring new clients for me
Shikha Singh
Not at the moment but would love to.I use in my current job for coding , debugging issues and 10x my productivity.
Tyler Ervin
We just publicly released Archie AI - a conversational AI modal for digital publishers. Just connect an AdSense account and start generating more Ad revenue.
Jeff Fajans
Not sure yet but I am building one that I think has potential to be monetized. Would love to follow this topic and hear what everyone is doing!
Priya Agarwal
We are launching an AI travel concierge at the end of this month! We are hoping to integrate this into the GPT marketplace.
Barry Zheng
Another monetization strategy is offering GPT as a service (GPTaaS) to businesses for enhancing customer support or content creation. Companies pay for the integration and ongoing usage. How do you see the potential of GPT in improving business processes? Also, check out our coming product: AiGCBLOX to discover GPTs that can transform business operations.
Chel Chen
We are planning to create something similar so our users can use it :) Oh We just launched today with the GPTs ranking, come check out
Justinas Grinius
Currently just trying creating random GPTs and see what is the traction. And as OpenAI has declated "In the coming months, you’ll also be able to earn money based on how many people are using your GPT.", so its going to be monetized itself. Btw, you can check the last one I've made