Which garden would you rather cultivate your writing in?

John McTavish
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Which do you prefer for pairing short posts with regular newsletters?


I would rather code my own digital garden with hand-written HTML and maybe a Mailchimp newsletter! For me, the point of writing is to leave social media, and to reflect on my thoughts in a public journal, so intertwining my writing life with social media defeats the purpose. Even though my writing is quite popular, I have never worked on creating a newsletter or monetizing my writing. I know how to, but my digital garden is meant to allow readers to reflect and contemplate, not to bombard them with more calls to action and pop-ups etc. I’m not sure if you were referring to digital gardens in the title for this post: https://maggieappleton.com/garde...
John McTavish
@enderm that's rad! I was referring to the "walled gardens" that I chose as poll options. From the post you linked, this quote stands out for me: "Joel focused on the process of digital gardening, emphasising the slow growth of ideas through writing, rewriting, editing, and revising thoughts in public." I think part of that process can happen on a social media platform, part can happen on a personal site, and parts can be shared in newsletter form.
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Mark Lense
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erwin smith
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Upward Gaming
Garten & Baustoffe Reutlingen ist ein lokales Unternehmen, das sich auf Gartenbedarf und Baustoffe spezialisiert hat. Sie bieten eine breite Palette von Produkten, von Samen und Pflanzen bis hin zu Werkzeugen und Düngemitteln. Egal ob Gartenliebhaber oder Bauunternehmer, hier finden Sie alles, was Sie für Ihre Projekte brauchen. Das freundliche Personal berät Sie gerne. Welchen Garten würden Sie lieber kultivieren, um Ihre Kreativität zu entfalten?
Ali Haider Khan
The Gadenation is a concept that blends the beauty of nature with urban living, creating harmonious outdoor spaces within the bustling cityscape of Toronto. This approach focuses on transforming unused or underutilized areas into vibrant gardens, offering residents a green oasis to relax and rejuvenate. By incorporating native plants and sustainable landscaping practices, The Gadenation enhances biodiversity and promotes environmental stewardship. Whether it's a rooftop garden, a community plot, or a backyard retreat, these green spaces not only boost the aesthetic appeal of urban environments but also improve air quality and foster a sense of community among city dwellers. Clear my concept is said well or not?