Which garden would you rather cultivate your writing in?

John McTavish
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Which do you prefer for pairing short posts with regular newsletters?
Twitter + Revue
Linkedin + Linkedin Newsletter
Instagram + Something (FB group, substack, etc)
Something better (Please elaborate)


ML researcher
I would rather code my own digital garden with hand-written HTML and maybe a Mailchimp newsletter! For me, the point of writing is to leave social media, and to reflect on my thoughts in a public journal, so intertwining my writing life with social media defeats the purpose. Even though my writing is quite popular, I have never worked on creating a newsletter or monetizing my writing. I know how to, but my digital garden is meant to allow readers to reflect and contemplate, not to bombard them with more calls to action and pop-ups etc. I’m not sure if you were referring to digital gardens in the title for this post: https://maggieappleton.com/garde...
John McTavish
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@enderm that's rad! I was referring to the "walled gardens" that I chose as poll options. From the post you linked, this quote stands out for me: "Joel focused on the process of digital gardening, emphasising the slow growth of ideas through writing, rewriting, editing, and revising thoughts in public." I think part of that process can happen on a social media platform, part can happen on a personal site, and parts can be shared in newsletter form.
Alexandra Kazakova
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Mark Lense
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