Which crypto company commercial won Super Bowl LVI?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Nishith from True Sparrow
While Coinbase was the best, FTX with Larry David was the funniest one. eToro was the worst.
Tim Devereux
@nishith_shah agree, Larry David was the funniest by far
Aashray Singhal
But it's something very different they did. No logo, No fancy tags, no promotions, just a simple QR code that became so popular that it crashed their app.:) Super Ad on Super Bowl
Hansani Bandara
I think Coinbase's concept was simple yet brilliant. They may have stolen the game with minimized production costs, compared to others
Ankita kaudare
no doubt! Coinbase!! Simple yet best!
Areeb Pasha
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Stamati Morellas
Coinbase. Even though their website crashed, it was a great marketing idea. My friends in infosec did not seem to approve tho...
All Star BPO
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Nat Karatkova
Coinbase for sure but still I prefer FTX
Hussain Effendi
Hands down, coinbase. I never knew much about the super bowl but because of Coinbase, now I do. Guess they did infact. do a great job ;)
Duggi Tommy
Coinbase is really booming nowadays! Their app is just great and UX-friendly the commercial company on Super Bowl was just mind-blowing. One of the best companies nowadays. And I like how they are working on adding new projects/coins to their exchange. Only good projects, no any kind of scam(you can read here how to protect yourself from scam projects) or projects of dubious reputation. Everything is just great!
Connor Jewiss
Is there even any discussion? Coinbase, of course!
saif khan
Coinbase won the Super Bowl LVI but I personally think FTX was a killer, just sharing a perspective :)
Andrew C.
yeh the qr idea was a crazy success for coinbase. it was clear that they didnt expect the inflow for users.