Which apps/tools do you use to stay organized?

Barış Bingöl
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I'm currently using Trello for business and Google Keep for personal topics. I am curious to hear which apps and tools you all are using to keep organized, please let me know your suggestions and thoughts!


Arda Helvacılar
As an iPhone user I love using Notes. Now with the sharable docs feature, it’s so much better 😁
Arda Helvacılar
@baris_bingol aaand you are looking tools to organize your life.. Ure missin the biggest :))
Claire Luchetta
Notion lover here ✋ For professional and personal stuff.
Solomon Bush
@ponicodedev I need to try that. All my friends love Notion.
Elen Udovichenko
Keep for notes and checklists Trello for work-related tasks iPlan to keep my days organized
Saurabh Chandarana
I use Google suite for notes and action items management and use zcal.co for schedule automation to stay highly productive.
nivedita datta
I have recently created a Notion dashboard to keep track of notes, to-do, expenses, projects, links etc all in one place and loving it so far !
Barış Bingöl
@nivdatta88 have been hearing about Notion more and more lately. Gonna check it out for sure, thanks Nivedita!
Solomon Bush
I use - OneNote - Draw.Io - a real whiteboard and sticky notes - Pocket sized note pad I have heard that Obsidian is a pretty cool note taking tool if you’re a dev.
Barış Bingöl
@solomon_bush glad to hear there are more people who still enjoy IRL note-taking and sticky notes hahaha. Thanks for the suggestions Solomon!
Waqar Wasti
Notion + Click up (both with slack integration) I find the dashboards on clickup very useful Notion is a great for using as a resource bank Hope this helped :) Cheers, Waq
Alina Ihnatiuk
Hey! I am using Google Drive. All documents and folders in one place, clients also use open access with me :)
Ege Yalçınkaya
Hi Barış! I do also use Trello for keeping things in place for business but I also used Asana and ClickUp before. I'm just taking notes on my notes app on Macbook for daily stuff which I can also access from my iphone too.
Evgeny Medvednikov
https://weje.io for collaboration and collecting ideas https://keep.google.com for personal notes https://mail.yandex.com for corporate email on domain https://ahrefs.com for SEO stuff
Peter Nguy
Hiya, How do you find Trello? I have been keen to try it as a project management/task allocation tool. I use Basecamp - it works really well for me but is missing that calendar/kanban style view... Having read the comments and heard other comments elsewhere, it appears I need to check out Notion!!
Greg Fragin
@dizzydwarves trello is probably more straightforward and streamlined as a kanban board than the board in notion - but everything else in notion makes it an incredible product
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
monday.com, Notion, Google Drive, and honestly, a simple notebook can sometimes do the trick :)
Bharat Pasam
Great answers!! Here are mine on iOS - Notes, Asana, Google Docs, Google Drive
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Greg Fragin
I use google, dropbox, slack, office 365, notion and loophq.com to bring it all together
Derek Duban
DIARY.txt, TODO.txt, HOWTOs.txt, IDEAS.txt Then Google Sheets for lists that fit nicely into rows and columns. A friend scolded me recently for not using Trello but since I'm not part of a team I don't see the point yet.
Gabriele Sangrigoli
-Trello (just recently) -Google calendar wait for it... pen and paper. I use apps when I have to work with others on different projects, but when it comes to my personal goals or tasks nothing beats analogical products, i.e pen and paper. I write down just the most important things that I have to do. There is neither space for ''send an email to...' nor ''remember to drink a glass of water''.
Hello! I use google keep a lot for any kinds of personal notes and weje.io for work - the online whiteboard really helps systematize information (I don't work with tones of paper anymore!) :)
Jared Cornell
As a member of a customer service team, we are using the ProProfs Help Desk to manage support tickets and other day-to-day activities. Agents can clearly see who is working on what and avoid sharing duplicate responses to customer queries. You can try 15 days free trial: https://www.proprofsdesk.com/sig...
David Miller
I have been using ProProfs Project(https://www.proprofsproject.com/) for the last one and half years to organize my projects and tasks. The tool is a game-changer, allowing me to effortlessly create, prioritize, and organize tasks across multiple projects. Whether tracking task progress or planning and allocating resources to each task, I can do it all from the tool’s intuitive dashboard.