How trackable is learning, really?

Barış Bingöl
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We all know the importance of tracking and analyzing data. But when it comes to learning data, I am uncertain about how trackable it is. We can of course track learning data when it is part of a training, but most of the learning process happens informally, when the learner is by themselves. Do you think it is possible to track learning data as well and efficiently as we track most data? Would love to hear your opinions on this!


Tolgay Dülger
Since a big portion of learners are children, it can be hard to track that data.
Barış Bingöl
@tolgay_dulger ahaha guess so, I would've loved to have a personalized learning experience when I was a kid tho...
Aleyna Çatak
Education is hard, regulations can be weird around it.
Tuba Çelik
This is what we are working towards, but we would love to hear any other opinions on this :)
Altug Erturk
This could benefit the learner so much! I hope that we can achieve a similar degree of data analysis on the informal learning side as we do on the formal side.
faruk arığ
I think so, yeah. You just need access to the database of the places the learner is, well, learning at.
Fatih Buğra Akdoğan
I think it is a difficult thing to learn, but if you have good data and talented programmers, it is possible.
Arda Helvacılar
When we think of tracking, in my humble opinion we need to establish an infrastructure with the question "Why?". Let's say if we want to track learning in order to scale it or understand its impact inside the society, we need to create the chain from beginning till the end. Once we understand the pattern and create all parts of this chain, the only thing left is to find out the repeating number or word. By understanding the number, we can start tracking and management in a meaningful sense.
Mehmet Kamay
We can, and we should. This is the only way true personalized learning experiences can be created.