Where the most of your traffic is coming from?

Stefan Smiljkovic
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This is a screenshot from my Google analytics . Have in mind that Direct traffic by GA is a mix of a lot of no-referrer visitors. For example, ProductHunt itself has a no-ref tag on community links, so it doesn't;t show under your analytics.


Stefan Ifrim
That's gonna be twitter for me, 80% of it
Stefan Smiljkovic
@stefanifrim Wau, thats interesting. I am doing bad with Twitter. I am not Tweeting often, not sure if that is the thing I am missing, or my profile is ghosted because of previous activities using third party tools years ago.
For https://www.astramind.io it's from twitter & Product Hunt (I also get to know when talking to users)
Fabian Maume
Quora (25% of our traffic), which is normal when you work on Quora tool QApop Comparison website like alternative.me (10% of our traffic)
Stefan Smiljkovic
@galia_ben_david Really? How u are using it? Can you share your page?
Galia Ben David
@stefan_smiljkovic We are constantly collaborating with Tik tok influencers, and we're planning on investing more in our Tik Tok page. It's a really powerful platform! anything could go viral.
Stefan Smiljkovic
@galia_ben_david I believe. Because once some TikTok influencer was mentioning my product, and I got quite good number of traffic.