Where do you download torrents?

Alex Pavlyuk
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I've heard a lot about The Pirate Bay, but both good and bad. What do you recommend?


But I stay in the habit and keep using The Pirate Bay. After all, it's not that difficult. Just because it's unprofitable for someone, I'm not going to inconvenience myself. You can get access through VPNs and proxy sites. Use it if you want to, it's not hard.
Pink Unicorn
I recommend using Pirate Bay. https://avoidcensorship.org/ You see, over the years there's one thing I've learned is that tv shows and movies aren't worth paying for. Sure I would willingly pay 10 bucks to go to a movie theater but at a movie theater they've all kinds of sounds and light effects and sometimes even 3D. If you tell me that you pay Netflix monthly then I'd say that you haven't made the best decision lol. With Pirate Bay you can download the latest tv shows, movies and even audio books for free.