A successful presentation - what is it like?

Alex Pavlyuk
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I have to deal with presentations almost every day: commercial proposals, product launches, annual reports, and so on. Almost all of them are assembled quickly, without much diving into the details. But I want to make this tool more effective. What does a successful quality presentation look like to you?


Julia Doronina
I always try to get inspired via Pinterest and catch up on new ideas. Your presentation shouldn't consist of a big amount of text, just short key ideas, try to emphasize the main things (figures, ideas, etc.)
Mert Baser
The presentation should be consistent, such as the placements of Title texts, general color palette, illustrations used, font size etc. Other than that the presentation should also reflect the Brand Book of the company.
David J. Kim
It has to have all the right information (for example if you have a pitch deck you need a problem slide) but there must be something about it that stands out.
For me, presentation is not a commercial tool, but a way to express my thoughts and convey information in an interesting way. I often use presentations to create illustrations for my story. I make little children's books). I have already started preparing a Christmas story for my kids, I found a cool christmas theme google slides at https://loveslides.com/love-slid.... I hope it works out well for me.
Svetlana Bulega
For me, a successful presentation is a presentation that allows you to interact with the presenter. For example, ask him questions in the chat, there is a FAQ, and the ability to call the presenter for an online meeting while watching the presentation. A successful presentation should evoke emotions and a desire to use the product/service.