When was the last time you hit the limit of your skills ? What did you learn ?

Arun Pariyar
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If you are not being challenged you are not growing. Can you remember the last time you hit a wall and managed to break through it ? Please share with us 🛫


Eivind Håverstad
Customer interviews by @mjwhansen. Learning to ask the right questions and listen deeply to what comes in return has been such a challenge for me – yet so valuable. I've also noticed how unknown this practice is outside the software/SaaS/indie hacker communities. As a marketer in the financial sector in Norway, interviewing customers, as Michelle teaches you in her book, Deploy Empathy, is pretty new to most people I talk to.
Michele Hansen
@eivindhaa thank you for sharing this! Glad to hear my book has been helpful for you :) Customer research is a recognized field, yet most commonly found in very large organizations (and unfortunately usually siloed).
Eivind Håverstad
@mjwhansen, your welcome! *correction: I also find customer research as a recognized field, yet it can be a little overlooked in some projects where internal discussions and beliefs get the most attention. Anyways, happy to share :)
It happens very often in one area or another. Learning:- Always be a learner, as it is the only way to grow in life :)
Yuri Lisin
This happens from time to time indeed. Also hitting a wall can be very different. Sometimes it's just a natural challenge to overcome, and sometimes it's a sign that you've chosen or about to choose a wrong path. About 3 weeks ago I think I was in front of the wall, didn't really understand how to overcome some tech uncertainty in my product. Eventually it came out that the product doesn't even need this feature at current stage. Realizing it was like a weight off my shoulders and things began to take shape again smoothly on their own 😎
Arun Pariyar
Hey @yuryfication , I really like that you brought what challenges could mean in your explanation. I am sure that will be insightful to the readers 👍
Paul VanZandt
When we started our business I had to create our SEO strategy, but I knew little to nothing about content generation or SEO. There definitely was a steep learning curve but I'm still growing more all the time.
Arun Pariyar
Thanks for sharing @paul_vanzandt, SEO is quite a vast topic and getting it right can be tricky but happy to read that you came out successful and still learning plenty :)
Dylan Merideth
Prompt Engineering for Natural Language Models. Took hours of trial and error, learning about parameters and various performance metrics of AI models, about a month of youtube courses and talks with devs in my network, but it came along. Still a work in progress, and I tend to feel that I'll never be fully "up-to-date" on it
Arun Pariyar
Hey @dylan_merideth , I don't think you are alone in this "up-to-date" feeling. The sheer amount of things to learn in the tech domain is challenging not to mention the pace at which things are developing while making it exciting leaves us plenty more to learn. All the best with prompt engineering 🚀
Dylan Merideth
@arunpariyar Thanks a bunch Arun, the pace is blistering indeed, good thing we have each other.