How long did PH Traffic last after you PH Launch ?

Arun Pariyar
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πŸ‘‹ Hey Everyone, It been a while since I have been on the discussions so its good to be back πŸ™Œ Its been a month since our PH launch and we had good traffic coming for PH but it's slowed down quite a lot now(which is expected of course). I would love to know how it was for your PH launch. I think this poll would helpful for everyone to identify how long one should expect to be busy with PH launch traffic. Hope everyone has been well and having a good day for ✌️


Aarush Goyal
The PH traffic helped us a lot in getting inital traffic on github. Our product came on the github suggestion page as more people starred it. Afterwards the growth slowed down. I am thinking of a relaunch and post more content about our product to make increase organic traffic.
Arun Pariyar
Hey @aarushgoyal_, Great to hear from you. It been a while. You need to wait I believe 6 months before can relaunch and of course it must bring a major changes the product bring value to new & existing user but yeah its a great idea πŸ‘
Daniel Engels
@aarushgoyal_ what was your product's rank on PH on the launch day?
Ashwin Madhavan
Hi! When we launched and got #1 on PH, the traffic boomed for a week atleast. But the affect of that boom, we are still witnessing. I would concur that post the 7 day mark, the traffic drops. We do plan to launch our V2 in the latter half of this year.. lets see!
Arun Pariyar
Hey @ashwin_madhavan, Thanks for sharing your experience. This is valuable information for the community πŸ™
Ashwin Madhavan
@arunpariyar thank you Arun! We can get on a gmeet/zoom call to discuss if you want.. happy to make new friends on PH . :D
Ruslan Galiullin
The power of repost πŸ’ͺ I think the main traffic is only 2 days: people read about today's launches and yesterday winners. Then all depends on the virality. If the product is interesting and useful, users share it. If it super satisfy their need, want, and pain, is more viral growth. Then, according to the hype cycle theory, the news goes down. During this time, you need to find early adopters.