When to quit

Zoya Matin
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How do you know when it's time to give up on your product?


I hope you get some good replies because I tend to find all of the information on Product Hunt is very "Optimistic" and doesn't really cover the thousands of failures that are inevitability here. Personally I don't know - in terms of a product I've not been there (cos apart from a website I closed I've not launched anything!)
Derek Duban
I have two criteria: 1) run out of money and 2) more importantly, nowhere left to pivot. Also, but less concretely, is accepting that the idea might be stupid, unwanted, or it's a great idea, but gosh-darnit you just aren't the right person to get it there.
David J. Kim
Multiple ways. But the most common ones are: -When you're not solving a real problem (in that case, pivot to a different product) -When you run out of money (in that case, you'll have to raise or come back later).