When do you buy the domain?

Aaron O'Leary
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When you have a new idea do you buy the domain straight away or wait a while? I tend to get the domain first hence why I have about 10 unused domains right now ๐Ÿ˜ฌ


Sreekanth PM
usually when there is a solid base to proceed with idea and concept
The same as you ,indeed many ideas seem it's wonderful.It tells me that is a mistake when making those out . Maybe we should cool down~ and think about it times .
Eugene Hauptmann
Iโ€™ve a separate list in my notes tracker. When an idea or a project re-emerges couple times, itโ€™s time to launch a landing page and get a domain.
Julie Chabin
In the middle of the night, about 3 years before I start working on the idea.
Rakesh Goyal
@syswarren Absolutely! Buying domain is so cheap but the excitement it creates when you buy it for an idea that you just had, is amazing! Its like butterflies in your stomach! ๐Ÿ˜…
Manuel Astudillo
I would recommend wait. I have bought domains thinking they were awesome only to realize a couple of weeks later that the domain actually sucked. As your idea matures also the naming will do, no rush to buy anything when you are just excited about the next "big" idea you had.
always have a stash of names in had as you work on your idea, if it a great idea and you can't shake it off go check which one is available and claim it
Debajit Sarkar
First decide if you intend to pursue the online business idea. Before purchasing the domain name it makes sense to examine the domain names of rivals and industry leaders. Then take note of any keywords they use as well as their domain extension.
Dani Panus
I buy it well before I start coding ๐Ÿ™‚
Ikenna Paschal
Unlike everyone else. I buy a domain randomly when I am sad or down, same way my girlfriend buys a new dress when she's sad. I know its not normal but I can't help it.
Luis Gabriel Martins
Buying domain names is an addiction by itself for me haha I usually buy the domain when I come up with a good name. Sometimes that's the first thing, sometimes it takes a while
Cary Daye
Have the solid idea first before buying.
If it's relatively inexpensive, I just buy the domain. Helps motivate me get the project started even if it doesn't workout in the end.
Fran Grgiฤ‡
Buy first, set to auto-renew after (and if) the project is done ๐Ÿ˜
Nifty Domains
Good domain names are expensive! Either launch on a lesser domain and prove the idea or if you have the capital, get the domain first.
Stellnet Support
As soon as MVP is alive, working and ready
Lanre Akinyemi
Out of curiosity, how many domains do you all own?
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Marvin Borisch
I buy the domain first. When I finish the project, AWESOME. When I don't finish the project, I unregister the domain, 'cause I am not a A-Hole domain hoarder. :)
Ikenna Paschal
@marvinpoo I hate those folks that just hoard domains, especially the good one for no reason other than to spite the rest of us.
Kemal Goksu
Right after I decide that I'm going to work on it. I don't buy a domain name because I have a "great idea." If I feel like I'm commited to it, then yes, I'll register a domain name.
Andrew Isherwood
Tricky! I'd say after the product has started to take shape, I went through 3 domains before settling on one.
Richard G
like you, I check and buy the domain right away.
Ikenna Paschal
@nftpedia I am glad I am not alone on this. Without planning, I buy domains hoping I would use it someday.