Whats your year ending goal?

Muhammed Ibrahim
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We are planning to cross 100k users by this year-end @wyloapp. whats yours?


Chris Ashby
Nice! (I've just signed up btw 💪) Mine are fairly humble in comparison: - 6 customers on our unlimited growth design subscription - 100 newsletter signups
Misha Krunic
Hello there! I'm planning to launch https://botmenot.com/ before the end of this year and hopefully get the first users signing up! The beta testing is currently ongoing so it would be nice to get some more testers before launching, as well. Good luck with your goals!
Alexey Shashkov
Our main goal by this year-end for https://Getlanding.io is to get 1000 monthly active users.
We are planning to reach 150 paid users of https://vaazo.com
Mitchell Orme
Great question! I want to be more in control of my schedule and feel like I've got better assigned days for certain tasks. I want to have the weekend be the weekend, rather than stressing over tasks that may be due. I think this is a gradual process, but by the end of 2021, I want to have better control over it.
Benoit Chambon
Pass the boat-driving license
Derek Duban
Users and possibly investors or partnerships.
To have $150 MRR for https://blanq.io. Currently doing $88. It will be hard but I am hopeful.
Short term: - Really wanna get my first upcoming product, Creatorbase, launch out the door and hope its a successful one! - Trying to grow subscribers on the upcoming product page now to increase the likelihood of a successful launch. Would appreciate everyone's support! Longer term: - Work on figuring out some form of monetisation model so I can keep Creatorbase running for the long term - Build out the full set of features in my product roadmap to add more value to the Creator Economy - Get more involved with folks in the creator economy and make more new internet friends!
Launch on ProductHunt of course ;)
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