Product vs service

Muhammed Ibrahim
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Can building a service company be termed as a startup or is it only for a Product that solves a particular problem!


Monil Shah
I write, act, and code
This is an interesting question and one that my colleagues and I have been debating about for years, at work. The way I've looked at it, with my naive and limited experience is that service and product can act as a very good synergy. In our case, we help our clients create optimized experiences to increase their ROI, and our product is a digitized version of "us". It does what we used to spend countless hours before, for generating results for our clients. I think it depends though! What do you think? Here's our product: https://www.bluegreenanalytics.c...
Muhammed Ibrahim
Designer,thinker, Growth @wylo
@monil_shah2 Yes it can have a similar pathway and can coexist, But for me in the long run i ve seen product solving problems thriving more.