Whats your sleep "hack"?

Dylan Merideth
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How do you create the environment for good, restorative sleep? Is there a trick that you can share that worked for you?


Dylan Merideth
sleeping is important for literally everything, I try to exercise regularly and track my sleep so I can at least stay informed on certain trends I experience, but sometimes I just lose sleep, so am looking to learn about how you all stay on top of it.
Arun Pariyar
Making the room as dark as possible πŸ¦‰ and punctual screen cut off time πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ. That helps me the most.
Dylan Merideth
@arunpariyar the screen time is the bear here, TV in the evening is a guilty pleasure of mine as it feels like a resting activity to give the brain a break, but thats far from reality. Will give this a try Arun, thanks for the advice
Ludovico Petrali
Agree with Arun - Dark room, reduce light exposure at a precise time, try to be regular with waking up time and sleeping time. Plus, you can try some breathing-relaxation tecniques
Dylan Merideth
@ludovico_petrali Sometimes its about that combination of things, helps bring you to a place of rest. Awesome Ludovico
Philipp Stelzel
Getting sunlight in the morning. This seems to set the circadian cycle,w makes you up and makes it easier to fall asleep in the evening.
Dylan Merideth
@philipp_stelzel Some sage advice, I get annoyed when I can feel my circadian rhythm start to slide. Pull the blinds open and get going! Thanks Philipp
Anna Mandziuk πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
I'm like a grandpa, I love turning on my favourite show and drifting off to the sounds of TV😁 It's amazingly calming for me and I never fail to fall asleep. It's especially helpful when I'm on long trips in the car or on the bus and want to doze off quickly.
Dylan Merideth
@anna_mandziuk I am abouttttt the TV soothing to sleep, but I also wonder if it hinders my sleep quality. I do use podcasts on planes to find sleep there, so maybe that can be a screenless blue-light-less technique. Thanks Anna!
Luka Vasic
I heard about 4-7-8 technique. You take in air for 4sec, hold it for 7sec, and then exhale for 8sec. Do this 4-6 times and it relaxes you. Takes some practice to start getting results.
Dylan Merideth
@luka_vasic This was crazy, doing this as you wrote it sent me into a totally meditative headspace. Breath is crazy, thanks for the tip Luka
Fernando Pessagno
I have a sleep mask that I love. It's super soft and really blocks out all the light, which is great for napping during the day.
Dylan Merideth
@fer_momento Thanks for sharing Fernando, I'd be interested in the mask as a daytime napping aid forsure
Michael Silber
I sleep pretty easily, but my wife does not. We recently got the SleepOS by Eight Sleep and it seems to be helping her. I think the app could be improved upon, but there is a lot it gets right. It's definitely pricey, but it might end up saving us some money on AC.