How many chrome extensions do you have?

Dylan Merideth
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Dylan Merideth
@sewell_stephens I find it to be use-case specific, so the tool doesnt get used everyday, but gets used enough to deter me from removing it
Actually been looking for a couple for as I’ve only got like 4
Dylan Merideth
@maxwellcdavis I find extensions to be useful in specific situations, so if you are looking for help with a specific task, they can be valuable. I.e color dropper for color hex codes that you find on any webpage, or loom for video recording. I am sure there is one that could help out there. Let me know youre problem and I can search out one for you
Ashit Vora
I've many but the one that I use/see most frequently is the one created by me -
Dylan Merideth
@ashitvora nothing like a product that you use!! If its useful for you, its useful for many. Your extension embodies memento mori. Stoic philosophy for the win!
Mr. Sh!ne
6 for me, used to have 10-13, but only keep those i really use. Dark Reader is really useful. Adblock is a must-have definitely
Svetlana Bulega
Up to ten, but use mostly Grammarly, Pass Manger and our own extension, R4P Customer Catcher, as I need to conduct presentations often.