Whats your Founder Tech Stack?

David Choe
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As soon as I left corporate, I realized I was in full control of my workflow and the technologies involved. It's exciting and a bit overwhelming all at once. After about 7 months of trying and tweaking, this is where I'm at for now: Shift: For my 4 email accounts - centralizes inboxes so I don't have to find and switch tabs. I can also add other apps like notion or social media. https://tryshift.com/ Apple Notes: For my daily journaling. I've tried things like notion and noto, but found that Apple Notes was the app I kept going back to - something about the low pressure environment that lets me write better. Notion: For all project management, goal setting, and deep planning/strategy work Akiflow: For daily task management https://akiflow.com/ Staat: For development progress updates https://www.staat.co/ What's yours?


Cica-Laure Mbappé
Hey! We actually wrote a piece about it. Our CTO shares his software stacks and app maintenance strategy. Check it out if you want https://www.keypup.io/blog/tips-...