What's the best community you've joined?

David Choe
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I recently joined "Friends of Lenny's Newsletter" and it is actually one of the first communities I've been a part of that doesn't feel too big or too empty. You have to be a paid subscriber to the newsletter to get access, but it's already worth it imo. Link to Lenny's Newsletter: https://www.lennysnewsletter.com/ People are always sharing and talking. In addition to Lenny's Newsletter being an incredible source of insight, the community _feels_ real and genuine. What are your favorite communities?


Subin Heo
Ohh thank you very much for sharing! I would check it out right away. Thank you :)
Alice Rodgers
I love this one https://startuppitching.quora.com/ and other related communitites at quora and reddit
Ivan Vorobyev
This is the best community I've joined in the last month