Whats the weirdest marketing strategy you've ever heard of?

Dylan Merideth
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How well did it work?


Dylan Merideth
The wendys twitter saga had a great impact on aligning with younger generations by talking trash, dropping memes and in certain cases, insulting the competition. Ended up being pretty effective.
Lucian Tartea
Creating memes on Twitter and getting tons of traffic for your SaaS app linked in bio. It's not heavy on the weird side but more on the results side. It's incredibly powerful and would have never thought about it. A good example of smart work instead of hard work
Dylan Merideth
@luciantartea this is what this discussion is all about, revealing high impact strategies for the community to use! High quality memes are always good, thanks for sharing Lucian
Jim Zhou
Everything Bill Veeck has done. Every single strategy is th weirdest I'e ever heard of. https://sabr.org/bioproj/person/...
Dylan Merideth
@jim_zhou thank you so much for sharing, the weirder the better. His giveaway strategies are iconic and lesson rich, thank you again Jim
Kateryna Manokha
to tag Elon Mask in twitter and receive an answer from him and a lots of traffic)))
tomas mraz
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Dylan Merideth
@tomas_mraz Couldnt agree more, social media engagement is a great way to enhance organic reach. Thanks for sharing the tool SMM panel!
Macken Fred
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Benjamin Nguyen
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SMM Cloud
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Carlos Benini
I advise you to simply go to a professional