How do you ensure productive mornings?

Dylan Merideth
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Mornings are so crucial and yet so packed if you want to have a head start on the day. From meditation to workouts to cleanliness and other hygienic practices, it just feels busy. Whats your secret to making the most out of your morning?


Luka Vasic
I write my morning routine on a sticky note that hangs above my workspace. So when I wake up I have to do everything on it. And I have a separate sticky note where I mark every time I do the routine. So I look at my morning routine as a habit and I track it on a separate sticky note. I figured I'm addicted to streaks on PH and Snapchat so I'm streaking my habits.
Dylan Merideth
@luka_vasic Wow I never realized that. Streak building is a hack, gamifies the habit and then its about keeping your "points" increasing, no matter what. Thank you so much for sharing Luka
Dylan Merideth
@inam_from_outgrow simple advice, thank you! whats early for you?
Wiktoria Jaszcza
Wake up early, stick to the plan. At work I try to start with planned tasks, but sometimes I tackle less urgent ones when I feel the flow and know it will be i.e. inspiring.
Dylan Merideth
@w_j sticking to the plan is crucial, its difficult when time gets low and schedules are packed, but if you can, its the secret sauce
Tony Brooks
Concentrating on the task at hand. I try not to think about anything else.
Dylan Merideth
@tony_brooks1 Focus makes it all easier. Im finding you have to be a bit ruthless to yourself in the mornings to stay on the edge
I started waking up earlier (before 7) to get the non-work related tasks out of the way so I can be ready to tackle my day at 8
Dylan Merideth
@jennifer00 great point, its about clearing your plate of self-care tasks such that you can devote full focus to the work portion of the day
Dylan Merideth
@jennifer00 getting up early allows you to be more thorough through the self-care instead of it having to be a rush job