Whats are the best Twitter marketing Automation tools in 2022?

Jimmy Finch
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Hello, I am a social media marketer and want to know what tools are the best according to you and why?


Maxwell Davis
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Following this one :)
Kate Finch
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I have used plenty of Twitter tools in my career as a Social Media marketing manager, so I can tell you which tool I found the best out of them. FollowerAudit is a great Twitter analytics tool that offers the following features in one place - 1) Identify Fake Followers - Identify fake followers from your or any other public Twitter account 2) Identify Inactive Followers - Identify inactive followers from your or any other public Twitter account 3) Twitter Followers Tracker - Track your followers growth daily, weekly, monthly, or over a specific period of time. 4) Twitter analytics - Get detailed followers analytics like most followed followers, followers with protected accounts, etc. 5) Track Competitors - Get followers stats for any Twitter account (your competitors too) 6) Compare Audit Reports - Compare fake followers audit reports of multiple accounts together 7) Track unfollowers - Get real-time updates whenever someone will unfollow you. Hope you find this answer helpful!!
Imtiyaz - Curatora.io
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Are you looking for automated scheduling and publishing on Twitter? Check out Curatora.io - a content curation and social media publishing tool for social media marketers.
Sergey Kornilov
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A few tools I find useful: 1. https://sidebird.io/ - auto-retweets on schedule 2. https://birdy.so/ - split test your profile page 3. https://typefully.com - scheduling tweets and threads. Does what it says. 4. https://tweethunter.io/ - stopped using it. Interesting ideas but it kind of forces you to re-use other people's content which is a slippery slope. 5. https://blackmagic.so/ - interesting but I didn't quite figure out the use case of it. Gives you some useful stats though.