What year do you think we'll be able to hail an autonomous taxi?

Ali Sabti
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Ai/ML has made leaps over the past few years. copy.ai and many others are leveraging this technology and creating absolutely epic tools. Another class of applications such as autonomous driving requires near-perfect predictions. Given that the time to safely critical perfection takes longer, by what year do you think we'll be able to hail an autonomous taxi?


Jack Davis
I think that the best you can do is make an educated guess. I do not know much about the autonomous car industry so I would guess probably by 2035? I think it will be gradual and might take longer than people expect. You can find articles from 2016 claiming fully autonomous cars will be everywhere in 2020 and we are already passed that year and that claim did not age well. Only time will tell :)!
Nico Spijker
Small fact, Las Vegas already has a self-driving Uber service on the strip :), obviously easier as its one long straight road. I think the trickier part for their release is going to be the governmental regulations. Setting up rules for autonomous driving will definitely take some time.
James Salli
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Shahroz Ali
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Migu Rico
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