What would you expect out of a business book club?

Alissa Anne Pagano
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Hi all 👋 Would like to crowdsource some ideas haha. I'm trying to build a "business book club" Slack community from scratch, as a companion for an MVP. What would a minimum viable community look like to you? What do you expect from the idea of a book club, and what would feel right in a business-oriented one? Looking forward to your thoughts and opinions!! Thanks!


Alissa Anne Pagano
Example: I was thinking reading buddies, because so many people seem intimidated or overwhelmed by business and industry reading. A buddy would help with accountability and give you someone to digest it with. There's also the classic communal read of course.
Nik Hazell
Accountability is a massive one for me. It's also reaaaaally important to choose the right book. So many business books hammer home one message for 15 chapters - find one with important, specific standalone topics that can be discussed, not just a whole book waffling on one point!
Alissa Anne Pagano
@nik_hazell So true, the one note books really grate on people's nerves don't they haha. Thanks. Picking out the standalone topics is great advice!
Sofia Polonska
Cool discussions every week with a glass of wine)