Do you keep your creative work and money-making separate?

Alissa Anne Pagano
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The saying goes that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. But you’re just as likely to end up burnt out and disillusioned by turning passions into your main source of income. Which holds true for you? (By the way, if you're of the former mindset, our Scale Like a Startup Playbook might help. I'm one of the makers and we're live on Product Hunt today with a fun April 1 landing page 😄)


Alissa Anne Pagano
My creative work and my money-making work are in the same medium (writing) but I keep myself sane by it being radically different content
Ivan Ralic
I'm naturally creative person. And doing creative things relaxes me. Creative work I do mostly comes to design 😄 Besides that, for relaxing I play a few instruments or draw. But also, design some things not related to my work. Random apps, websites etc. Even when I have a creative block, designing something totally unrelated to a particular problem I'm working on, can help me relax and remove that block altogether ☺️ So when I have a problem with designing I fix it with more designing 😅
Qudsia Ali
My creative and money-making work are separate but in the same field. And I agree if you have both the work same, then it will eventually result in burnout.
James Salli
You don't always have to separate pleasure and work. After all, the best work is your hobby. I often spend my free time play sword of khans, and I get pleasure from it and sometimes a good sum which I manage to win. Because I think it is not necessary to suffer that would get the money) You can check it out yourself.