What would make you upvote a product launch?

Ari Abdul
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I know that having a great product helps a lot BUT I'm just curious... are there other factors that would also earn your vote? Please do share below! 😃


I sometimes vote for the idea, even if the execution is still not up to the mark, to encourage the makers to keep going.
Margarita Shvetsova
Yes, absolutely! Sometimes I upvote a product because it has an awesome video (like Infinity Maps). Sometimes because it just looks very neat overall (nice visuals, very clear and to-the-point copy, clear video) - you can just feel the efforts of the team and you feel like supporting them :) I have just posted my article which gives some ideas how to encourage the PH community upvote and especially comment - maybe you'll find some answers to your question: https://alconost.medium.com/how-...