What will be the next Apple? 🤔🔥🚀

Jack Davis
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What industry do you think will have the next trillion dollar company like Apple, Microsoft or Amazon🤑? Will it be an artificial intelligence company🤖? A gene editing company🧬? Flying Ubers🛩? Astroid mining☄️? This is purely fun and imaginative, so I am curious what you guys think? 🤔


Fabian Maume
Ai is the most mature field so I would say which has the best chance to generate new big player in the next decade. However the GAFA are already well position to take a big part of the cake, which might limit the emergence of another player. Biohacking can be another field that you haven't mention. Some of the covid vaccines are based on RNA tech, which has lot of potential.
Satyajit Manjaria
One other industry that might just boom out of nowhere would be ConTech (Construction Tech). Considering the rate of smart city adoption around the world and with the pace, things are changing in the industry itself. Or I may just be wrong!
Benoit Chambon
A bit cliché but... SpaceX ?