B2B or B2C? 🤔

Jack Davis
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Which is better to have a startup in? Both have lots of pros and cons and it would be interesting to see which is your favorite and why.


Benoit Chambon
I guess it mostly depends on your product nature, does it?
Jack Davis
@benoit_chambon Yes that is true, my team and I have two potential ideas but one is B2B and one is B2C so we were trying to decide which to pursue!
Benoit Chambon
@jack_davis7 maybe you'd better choose the leanest GTM
Matthias Strodtkoetter
B2C is definitely harder. However, B2C also has a higher probability that you make something with a real impact on the world. In the end I would probably just build what you are most passionate about (which also makes sense). Doesn't matter if B2C or B2B.
Dimitris Karavias
Valid points by others here. If all else is equal, I'd pick B2C cause I hate depending on a couple big clients. B2C spreads the risk.
George Boutsalis
I left the B2B world to pursue B2C, because I love the idea of building something that can have a massive social impact rather than strictly economic impact. I also find it's easier to demonstrate value to a single user, or group of users, than having to do a song a dance to convince corporations to buy your product. The downside is consumers attention span is incredibly short so if you don't capture attention early you may never catch it. However in B2B you can also be a niche product and have customers that pay you well. My assumption is that it's a lot harder to be niche and make a living in B2C.
Jack Davis
@boutsalis This is well explained and I totally agree that having a big social impact is an idea we all love.