What were the KPIs of your PH launch? 📈 🚀

Hi! For those of you who've already launched a product on PH, what KPIs did you set for your launch? So far, I came up with: - Number of upvotes - Number of comments - Rating (__/5) - Number of unique visitors to the company website - Number of sign-ups - Conversion rate Would love to hear about what you tracked and measured, and whether or not you met those goals.


Davor Kolenc
Maybe try and track some micro-conversions like - Price Page Visits - Time spent on the website Stuff like that can give you some more insight on what your next move could be :)
Fabian Maume
For QApop it was to sell 50 life time deals: https://www.lunadio.com/blog/we-... Usually the main KPI I'm focusing on are website visits and sign-ups, I made a blog post comparing my different launches: https://fabian-maume.medium.com/...
Haven't launched yet but we'll be tracking the number of people that actually use the app in addition to signing up.
Margarita Shvetsova
My KPIs were: - number of upvotes (400+) - number of comments (50+ not including the comments from our team) - getting to the top-5 products of the day (this one was important) - number of website visitors (here I didn't set any fixed figure) I didn't expect many people to create an account and activate the coupon, so didn't set any KPIs for that. The numbers of upvotes and comments were met and exceeded :) Actually I have just posted my article with the results and insights from our launch: