What was your first coding project (no-code counts)?

Gabe Perez
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What was your first project and how did you get started? Curious how makers get started in their journey and learn the skills they need to create something. Any advice for makers who have an idea but don't know where to start in the building journey?


Nikita Galkin
My first business was related to online games. It was in 2004, when game producers didn't use pay for win model as they do now. My business model was very simple: pay for game subscription, configure bot, which mine ingame gold and sell for real money. It was 4 years journey, during this time I learned programming, web development and ad. I don't think this experience is actual any more. I shared it for demonstrate not-uniq idea: "find your passion, it is a key to grow and success". It is actual any time, but I don't know how exactly find your passion.
Gabe Perez
@nikita_galkin thanks for sharing and that's a cool story! Something similar can be done with exploring games in the metaverse on the blockchain :) As for passion~ I guess we have to stay curious and we'll know once we find it.
Hans Husurianto
My first project actually began when I was very young. I had started writing small scripts and programs to get used to what I was actually doing. Fast forward 14-ish years, I have begun working on my actually first project with a business model and product. For those who are newly looking into creating something, I would highly recommend just exploring the area first. Find tutorials on how to create examples that are similar to what you want to make. And keep doing this. If you can't find education through school, education through experience and practice is the next best thing. Also, my favorite motivator is knowing that failing often is better because then you learn more for next time.
Gabe Perez
@hans_husurianto1 Awesome Hans~ thanks for sharing. Going off tutorials to learn how to create a copy is a great first step, def agree.
Anne bagcal
My first business is all about online selling hahahaha
Asraful Islam
My first project actually began when I was very young. I had started writing small scripts and programs to get used to what I was actually doing. I have begun working on my actually first project with a business model and product.
Mohammad Shamsuddoha
My first coding project was "Making a website using HTML code".
Fardous Karims
My first coding project was "making a website by using php code"
Swadhin Das
My first coding project was "Making a website using HTML code".
Thomas Kimura
Back in the day one of the first big things I made was a custom Tumblr theme. Was able to learn a lot and got featured in the Tumblr theme store
Aaron Tran
My first project was data analysis and modelling using Python - I had taught myself how to code during downtime when working as a management consultant. My advice would be get started now because you just need a few hours a week to develop some potentially life-changing skills. Whether its learning how to code, or via the many great no-code tools out there, it's never been easier for non-technical people to turn ideas into software.
Gabe Perez
@aaron_tran2 that's a good use of downtown and also inspiring. No-code right now is a brilliant way to get things off the ground.
Sarah Evans
My FIRST project for was for the Illinois State History fair back in (gasp) 1993. I made the Al Capone Quiz game that won state honors on a now defunct software and computer. LOL.
Sarah Evans
@gabe__perez LOL. I think it's everyone's best interest, that the floppy disk is never seen again. ;)
Gabe Perez
@prsarahevans DED Going to need one of these
Bayazid Bustami
I was tried to learn html coding but i can't catch it. So sad for that.
Mert Bozkir
Printing prime number with Python :)
Nick Naumov
I was trying to build a platform for live shows crowdfunding. Image you love some artist, however, they seem to never play a show in your city - you just start a campaign and invite other fans to "buy" a ticket in advance when there're no dates, venue etc. I was a complete beginner so had to learn a lot: coding, analytics, management etc. The thing that really helped me was the university startup accelerator - they forced me to read "Lean startup" and "Mom's test" and that was at some point the most valuable thing to me back there.
Jason Yavorska
For me it was copying BASIC programs out of books onto my Commodore VIC-20. Starting that close to the metal helped me all throughout my life and career.
Gabe Perez
@j4yav oh man, what at time. For those that don't know
Before I made www.workbreakhq.com I made a software directory based on a template, no code. Highly recommend building something that isnt your “big idea” but something that you can learn from, and templates are a great way to learn no-code.
Bob dilan
My first coding project was making a website by using HTML code
Kelvin Yong
My first project was to create a registration page for a game server decades ago. Started off with videos on Youtube, forums, and Googling for HTML, CSS, and finally PHP tutorials. It was also then I realised I'd prefer coding than gaming. Especially, learning new languages and then, "wow, it works.".
I am a veteran in food and beverage industry, started learning Python and then Django about an year and a half ago. I started with a simple blog application, converted that blog into listing site for food and beverage industry, where industry professionals can put their products, machines etc. Added few more applicattions into that site and still figuring out as to how I can add value by providing a platform where like minded professionals can add, share and enrich relevant content. A work in progress at the moment https://www.foodbevhub.com.au/ma...
Brett B
I built a developer productivity tool. It was a horrible mix of a Perl script glued onto a VB6 GUI. But it was fast, had few competitors and I sold over $100,000 of them. Lessons learnt: code quality makes very little difference as long as your product "does what it says on the tin". Also the best way to learn how to code is to find a project that achieves some objective that is important in your life. For example after being cruelly made redundant I vowed never to be 100% reliant on somebody else for my income.