Slack is down....again... so what's everyone's favorite Slackternative?

Gabe Perez
6 replies
Already seeing a list from Twitter Curious to see what everyone else's preferences are...wishing AIM was still around tbh.


Charles Magnuson
Discord is my team's unofficial Slack. We really appreciate their audio/video channels. Slack doesn't have a feature like that and it's a year or two better than Zoom's video chat.
Sachin Tiwari
Discord is best alternative of Slack. Slack is business software that is wholly designed to be a workspace first and foremost. Discord, on the other hand, is primarily a communications tool aimed at gamer communities. But don’t let that dissuade you. Discord team chat is fully featured and does just about everything that a growing team needs, without the cost that comes with Slack for a few of the more important features.
Claire Luchetta
I am lost without Slack. Tried Teams but it is really not the same... I might check Discord from what I've read above!
Alex Walther
Been using It's not nearly as powerful/convenient as Slack but does the job team-comms-wise.
Yulia Vinokurova
@gabe__perez I would suggest you to use Chanty. It is a good alternative. It has the same features as Slack does, but it is much more affordable and has some extra useful features. If you are interested , you can find out more at