What was your biggest accomplishment of 2021?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Yusuke Nishijima
Made 7apps by nocode
@yusuke2424 Wow, this is great!! May I have a look at your portfolio of projects? Any links??
Pocket Properties App
@yusuke2424 That's very impressive! Sounds like number 8 won't be far behind, keep up the great work!
Started to productize myself!!
Richa Vaid
To start being active on Twitter and building products plus getting the top 4 product of the day badge on the first launch. 🔥🔥
Anishi raj
@richa_vaid What approach should one have for twitter, when we are getting started with learning and building ?
Parisa Gonzalez
@5harath Professionally, literally just launching Invoice2goMoney Banking for small businesses. Super proud to be able to help small businesses get paid quickly and easily, pay their expenses on time and be able to track it all on one app. Personally, glad to have made it through this pandemic with all my wit and health about me!
Sowmya Rajamani
Started our own digital marketing agency.
Xavier Coiffard
My Marketing4Makers community → http://m4m.so I learn so much while helping other founders !
Nishith from True Sparrow
Built and launched thursday.social on PH in under 3 months.
Nim Ron
Growing the Amy team to what it is now! Here's to another great year!!🐱‍🏍
@nimrodron Awesome! Can I join the team?
Kira Leigh
I released 3 sci-fi novels, wrote a 4th, and got 9k+ readers in year one 🙌
@kiraieigh Wow, great work! Can I have a link to your works to see?
Antonis S
Make two web apps for government services that thousand of people use every day.
Kyleigh Smith
launching heyitsharold.com on Product Hunt + winning the Maker Grant!
Naomi Assaraf 🔥
Keeping it pandemic real: honestly, sometimes just making it through the day was a pretty big accomplishment.
Martina Hackbartt
This a tough question! I usually feel like I don't have one big accomplishment but several smaller ones. But I'd say: 1) Joining the corporate environment, this year (at 19 y/o) I got my first few jobs and I've been enjoying the process quite a lot. 2) Studying what I like + having joined a research lab that has been teaching me so much. 3) Having made so many friends + amazing people in the process! Regardless of doing everything 100% remote; I've met sooo many great people.
Ryan Gilbert
I joined the team at Product Hunt after being a user since 2013!
Rishi Mohan
Been building https://kizie.co (a twitter app for web) for last 7 to 8 months single-handedly, today it crossed 1000 users with some paid users, the biggest accomplishment is how this project excites me every single day, a reason to wake up to :)
David Kamwana
Definitely completing a project I've been working on sloooowly for 5 years. Real tears of struggle have been shed along the way but like a marathon...just kept running.
Natalia Protsenko
Launching https://www.narrative.bi/ for Google Analytics on @producthunt and becoming the #1 Product of the Day, #1 #1 Product of the Week, and #3 Product of the Month in November! Great experience and great results!
Anna Voronina
Professionally, joined https://www.appzi.com/ Personally, started my own fitness classes.
Going freelance after 20 years under the same umbrella.
Josef Strzibny
100% finishing the 1st edition of Deployment from Scratch (https://deploymentfromscratch.com/). Over 3 years in making!