What was the biggest challenge you've encountered during your fundraising process?

Alex Briukhovetskyi
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For those who have successful or unsuccessful experience raising Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A rounds.


Alice Rodgers
endless pitching and outreaching 🤯.
Gleb Braverman
Biggest challenge is to stay excited when you hear "no" for 10-20-30 times in a row. The important concept to grasp is that you need only 1 "yes" 🙌
Nik Hazell
@alex_briukhovetskyi1 Series A - unfortunate timing, losing a big customer/partner midway through agreeing terms. We had to hustle super hard to prove that the customer wasn't as important as they looked, and that strategically we were better off without them. The data did support us in the end though, and 2 years later we haven't looked back :)
Ann Shift
finding that YES in a sea of NO
Visva Jeet
no idea from where to start.
IndianGamer #PlayLine
Top most challenge is to stay when hear no 10-30-40times in a row . The important concept to grasp is that you need only 1 yes
Carlo Thissen
Knowing when it's the best moment to raise and planning the size of the round.
Vito Lerede
Finding the right partner for your company, who shares the same vision.
Klu Wisdom
Finding exactly. Who is interested in funding .
Wael Khattar
Requiring a client in a B2B space where the sales cycle was too long
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The catch-22 of promoting your fundraiser to generate funds to promote your new service.