Have you tried using TikTok to get customers? If yes, are you happy with the results?

Alex Briukhovetskyi
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Yes, we've used TikTok. It was successful
Yes, we've used TikTok. It was unsuccessful
No, we haven't tried yet. But we plan to try!
No, we haven't tried yet. And we won't.


Sales & Marketing Advisor
I've started to search deeply Tiktok 2 weeks ago. It's quite nice and funny. But there's also a lot of bullshit))
PR @TeQatlas
well, I have heard some impressive successful cases using TikTok ads; one property agency even managed to sell a $2 million house via TikTok.
Founder & CEO @ BotSpace
Indirectly, Yes! For one of our restaurant clients, we used local TikTok and Instagram influencers to promote the place. We would invite these influencers over for a complimentary meal and ask them to put a post or video that they would be attending our restaurant two days prior. This strategy worked so well, that we later dedicated once a week for influencers.
Visual Designer / Art Director
@bilal_chaglani what would you say is a happy result in your case? I've never used such platforms for ads and I'm curious if the return is often increased followers, views, etc. So i guess I'm asking do those ads on Tik Tok convert to money or is direct profit not the point for that ad channel?
Founder & CEO @ BotSpace
@dwalker More walk-ins for my restaurant example was a happy result. But happy result could be different depending on the stage of your product. It's not necessary Tik Tok might convert to money for you. Figure out your audience, if Tik Tok caters to them, then try the channel for 6 months with a reasonable budget. If that doesn't work, then try another channel. When you figure a channel that works, simply double down on it.
Founder, Speakezee
We are using TikTok a lot at Gossip (https://thegossip.app), currently our database is about 200 TikToker with 100 (hundred) - 3m followers. We actively collaborate with them, usually we are happy with results!
I don't think TikTok would work for just any business, if you aren't visual and manage a business that is quite serious, I don't imagine it being successful. But please change my mind
@rubenwolff absolutely agree