What tool do you use for FAQs/Knowledge Base?

Rachel E. Allen
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Hey all! I’m looking for a FAQ tool that I can plug into my site under my domain. Ideally it is easy to update, has search, and I can organize questions by bucket. There’s gotta be something better than ZenDesk out there. What do ya’ll use?


I'm going to be using either Helpkit, Notion Or Helpscout
Anil Meena
May I suggest www.pensil.in, you can embed it on your website, it's easy to update and other users can also provide feedback in the form of comment, or you can also host it on your custom subdomain
Pradeepa Somasundaram
Try Document360- A SaaS Knowledge base solution for FAQs and internal wiki. It is highly customizable, you can add a custom domain and organize content under different categories and sub-categories. Establish a tree view structure for your content and easily navigate. It also has an AI-powered search feature that gives a Google-like experience for the users. you can also integrate with Zendesk or any other helpdesk solutions and use a ticket deflector for better customer service. https://document360.com/