How do you engage in influencer marketing?

Rachel E. Allen
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Hey everyone! If you use social influencers to promote your product, how do you do it? Do you reach out to the influencers directly? Do you use tools or networks?


TL Robinson
This is something that I've tackled in the past and am really focussing on right now. I've learned that connecting directly is more intimate but it takes a lot of time and energy. Yeah, there is a better relationship with each influencer but you don't really get the benefit of all the time spent. It's more impactful for me to connect with a "lead" for a group of influencers. This person can help find the right people and handle the logistics.
Amanda Tunner
@tl__robinson Thanks for your share! I'm finding ways to connect with influencers on Twitter but it seems harder than what I've thought. So, do you have any tip for connecting with leaders of KOL's group? Like how can you find them? How to get them replied your messages?
TL Robinson
@amanda_tunner That's a good question. Finding a specific group leader or agency requires a bit of research and time. What I've done for previous projects is type "marketing for [insert group's name]" into your search engine. Investigate each result until you can back track into whoever is responsible for the social media. It may take a number of searches and calls to agencies to see if they actually manage influencers, but it should work. Influencers are in-demand now. And, they know that they are social media celebrities. So, they don't make themselves as accessible to everyday people as they would to another celebrity or resource from a top agency. So, you have to find their gatekeeper and connect via their trusted method of communication.
Valerie Borshch
Dealt with blog outreach and crowd marketing, had in past some work with youtube reviews. Helped a lot: Ahrefs, Semrush, Buzzsumo (for fresh blood influencers :D), socialblade (youtube analytics), (for emails search and email sequences) and deep research on keys and topics. If you will get a nice solution on how to deal with influencers effectively -ping me