What tasks do you usually work on in your workday?

Alexey Shashkov
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Hey founders and makers, what tasks do you usually work on in your workday? I'm working on Getlanding.io, and my usual workday looks like this: Getting new users: 1. Posting to Social Media 2. Commenting relevant posts 3. Answering email, DM's, and comments to me 4. Writing blog posts and articles Talking to users: 1. Emails and DM's to potential users 2. Talking to potential users (customer interviews) 3. Brainstorming with tech co-founder Fundraising tasks: 1. Emails and DM's to founders who have already raised money (networking) 2. Emails and DM's to potential investors (networking) 3. Online meetings with founders 4. Online meetings with investors 5. Working on pitch and pitch deck 5. Looking for a new place to pitch Getladning.io to someone 5. Pitch What about you?


Derek Duban
I'm sorry, newbie question. I keep seeing references to "DM's to someone" ... Direct messages? how do you send direct messages on PH. Is it just because I'm new that I don't see that option? My Day: 1. Open the bookmark folder titled "Wake Up" 2. Check my traffic stats 3. Post any new animations to social media 4. Pick on the coding where I left off. 5. Eat lunch 6. Doodle in Gimp 7. Back to coding 8. Eat supper 9. Research, reading, etc 10. Doodling, make new content, post it, submit to Google 11. Sleep. I work from waking up to going to sleep. But I do whatever needs to be done whenever. Judging by OP's list, I really need to figure out how to network and be more businessly social.
Alexey Shashkov
@sclerek Hi Derek! Cool agenda=) I like that! I send direct messages on Twitter. Most people on PH have a Twitter link on their profile.
Nicholas Glickman
I write texts, then correct them and submit them for review. Already at the end they must confirm. And send my text.
Bryce Murray
Research : 1. New cool features for current products 2. Possible new uses for our current products Development : 1. Getting user feedback 2. Fixing bugs 3. Implementing new features For fun : 1. Writing about projects (mainly on Medium :) )
Alexey Shashkov
@bryce_murray Great! Can you share your Medium blog?
Isabel Nyo
For my personal projects, there are three pillars of activities that I spend time on: Marketing -- this includes social media marketing, content marketing, etc Community engagement -- to learn and to share my knowledge, like what I am doing right now on PH :) Creation -- this really lights me up and the reason why I have a few projects outside my day job. I am a creator at heart with a passion for knowledge sharing. I am also a technology leader. I am the happiest when I am creating something of value.