Hey, makers! What's the hardest part about building a SaaS startup?

Alexey Shashkov
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Hey, guys! I'm passionate about SaaS startups. I already made a few attempts to build a successful SaaS product and business. Currently, I'm working on my new SaaS product https://Getlanding.io. The idea is to let the product do all of the grunt work instead of humans. Fully without a learning curve, website builders, developers, designers, design, or coding skills. And my hardest part about building a SaaS startup is to iterate very quickly! Last time I encountered that problem working on my previous product «FromNotion». We've been making product iterations by months, not weeks, working full time. And I didn't find the best practices to solve this problem. What is your hardest part about building a SaaS startup? Share your thoughts and experiences.


Aleksandra Dikan
hey! the link to your startup does not work