What systems or tools do you use for content creation?

Marina Đurić
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Vedran Rasic
Slack Notion Hubspot :) #oldschool :p
Slack Notion BuzzSumo ... only old school
Marina Đurić
@fares_aktouf I use Notion as well, how do you organise it?
Julia Shandrokha
As I write, I mostly use Word and Google Docs. Well, that's it, actually :D Everything else is not that important, I guess.
Marina Đurić
@julia_shandrokha, whatever works honesty does the job! I started in Docs but switched to Notion as it's more clean and well organised, it's free as well.
Gurpinder Singh
Google Workspace Answer The Public Canva
Maxwell Davis
Pocket - Trello - Wordpress + Canva - Trello + some nocode tools to automate some of the steps
Vaibhav Taneja
Inshot- video editor Hootsuite- for post scheduling Canva- For designing Snapseed- to edit pictures.
Marina Đurić
@vaibhav_taneja, do you post on Instagram or on which platform? And does a scheduling tool lower the performance of your posts?
Vaibhav Taneja
@marina_djuric Hey, I post on instagram, youtube and facebook. I prefer to post manually rather than using scheduling tools, coz yes I believe they effect our page reach.
Qudsia Ali
My favorite content creation tools include: Notion, Canva, WordPress blog and Grammarly.
Olivia Watson
Canva, Grammarly, copy.ai
Tanya Kapoor
Hi @marina_djuric I use Canva, WordPress, BuzzSumo, UberSuggest, Grammarly
Tanesha Austen
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Giuseppe Di Nuccio
I think AI-based content writing tools play an important role. Hyperwrite, frase.io, froala, Rytr, are the tools I tried (among many available). They can definitely help in increasing the volume and the speed of producing and publishing content. Of course, they are not a replacement for human-touch work.
Buzzsumo Marketing Miner Google search Grammarly :))