🎯 How and where do you build your community?

Marina Đurić
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As a part of the Growth team, we are focusing on building our community on LinkedIn. We use our personal accounts to build a personal brand that connects to our company profile, a SaaS business. We post regular content, build authority through content creation, talk about industry trends, and engage with relevant creators. So, which platforms do you use, and how do you build your community?


Daniel Engels
Firstly, congrats for choosing the right strategy: LinkedIn is a network of persons, and not companies. So you'd get much more exposure when creating a personal brand, rather than posting on behalf of your company's account. Secondly, the platforms to use depend on your domain. In general for B2B, I'd advise you to try Medium, Quora, as well as public Slack channels relevant for your industry.
Marina Đurić
@daniel_engels I'll need to check out Medium and Quora for sure! We're focusing on main channels for now, but we're looking to expand soon.
Gurpinder Singh
You're on the right path! LinkedIn is best platform to grow and build your community. Just be consistent and you will see good results.
On LinkedIn! but also outside the virtual, in various events (fairs, breakfasts, conferences, aperitif...)
Marina Đurić
@fares_aktouf I'm happy that there are in-person events. Offline connection and communication is as important as online communication.
Igor Stankovic
I'll say Twitter. There is a huge indiemaker community :)
Luis Hernandez Peña
Perhaps we are a bit outdated but our support forum is the best place to know and interact with our community. Although we do use social profiles, social media interactions are often quite superficial or fleeting. In addition, we manage the forum and all the information is kept by us as well.
Marina Đurić
@luishp Is the forum like a roadmap channel or?
Luis Hernandez Peña
@marina_djuric the forum is a place for our community to ask questions, share samples, help others or just to communicate whatever they think is of interest. Before social media appeared forums were quite popular. They allow to structure the information and keep searchable conversations under our own database. Of course they have their pros and cons too. If you want to take a look just visit: https://visualneo.com/forum
Vivek Vardhan
I am building on Slack. So far going strong. Check out Blkns.co for more. Also, how has your growth been? Link the page as well. :)
Janak Patel
I created Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, and Discord channels to build communities around my SaaS at various times. I had no prior experience in managing the community or marketing SaaS. However, I was determined to create one around the product offering. For me surprisingly, Instagram worked. We're receiving strong and repeated engagement from followers. Now, we're spending extra time, money, and effort to power up the channel. My two cents, you have to see where it clicks Our Medium channel also has good followers. FB page, the group did not work. The LinkedIn group did not work. Personal reputation brings good results on LinkedIn as per my experience and you've chosen the right path. We've started exploring Twitter using personal interaction which is showing good results as well. However, it is hard for us to manage multiple platforms. Now focusing on Instagram and Twitter.
Marina Đurić
@janak_patel56 Thank you for such a thorough breakdown of channels. For now, we're strengthening LinkedIn, but very soon, we're looking into expanding on Twitter and then potentially Discord. I'm curious about how Instagram and Discord worked for you and how you manage interaction on these platforms. I would be happy to check them out if you could share links.
Janak Patel
@marina_djuric yes sure. Discord did not work. Instagram did work. On Instagram, we're receiving DMs for affiliation and sending good visits to website. We launched Instagram page in January. Here is the link- https://www.instagram.com/dolphy...
We create a blog and express our opinions on various discussion forums.
Marina Đurić
@gamerseo We also write blogs, and it is a good practice. Which forums do you use?
Arifur Rahman
From my business perspective, I'm trying to grow my community on LinkedIn.
Siv Souvam
Without a question, LinkedIn is an excellent platform for building an audience rather than a community. You can utilise Slack, Discord, GitHub, Facebook groups, or community systems such as Habitate, Scenes, Likeminds, and many others.