What skills are you trying to improve?

Misha Krunic
22 replies
Everyone here has a primary skill or a field of knowledge they're versed in. What I'm interested in is are you working on sharpening any additional skills or are you committed to working on what you're confident with. In my case, development was where I started many years ago, but currently, I'm trying to improve my writing skills!


Amarnath Nagula
I'm currently working on improving my skills at building products with no-code tools and also learning design on the side :)
Olivia Bridges
I'm improving my skills in Twitter marketing. Learning about indie hackers and product hunt.
Misha Krunic
@olivia_bridges It's hard to overstate the importance of marketing when trying to launch a product. Good luck!
Shana-Sin Talib
I am also working on improving my writing skills.
Misha Krunic
@shana_sin_talib That's nice to hear! Do you feel like you're progressing at a good pace?
Derek Duban
I need more marketing and social media skills, social media sticktoitivness, and how to get attention in a non-obnoxious way.
Misha Krunic
@sclerek I'd say it's not an easy thing to do, you'll have to find your own brand's voice and image. Good luck!
Md Salehin Khan
I have good experience with development but now I am trying to get a grasp on writing & SEO. As I am a solo founder I have to were multiple hats.
Misha Krunic
@md_salehin_khan That's often the case with solo founders. I hope you remain motivated throughout the process!
Everyone keeps telling me I should learn how to code! But at the moment I'm just busy learning the no-code tools!
Watanabe Naoki
I have a product but no users. I'd like to improve my skill to acquire users
Ha Anh Luu
I'm trying to learn more on the SEO skill! I've been "practising" it since my first part-time job in university but as someone who doesn't have a standard business degree in marketing/sales I feel a little bit behind compare to my colleague 😓
Misha Krunic
@ha_anh_luu It's a pretty important skill for almost any type of business today. I think that, in a way, we're lucky to have available so many good resources online to learn from.
Ha Anh Luu
@price2spy You're right! Not to mention now that we have so many tools that can help any kind of skill too!
Atul Ghorpade
I have some experience in SEO. Currently, I want to improve my cold outreach skills.
I'm learning my marketing skills and SEO skills