What's your night time routine?

Richard Fang
4 replies
Everyone keeps talking about morning routines but as a night owl, I feel like we don't get as much love! What's your routine before bed?


Julia Doronina
Check my new messages and comments on Product Hunt 😂 Really! I live with an 8-10 hours time difference from the USA. So when people there are active, this's my evening.
Pablo Fatas
Usually play games until I am too tired to keep playing. Shower and watch a show to sleep.
Brandon Thimmesch
I usually unwind and try to unplug for a bit. I will sometimes play video games and will often make a journal entry detailing what happened that day. It's fun to look back and see progress in a few months or even a year.
Preeti Chovoor
Brushing teeth, flossing, hydrating skin. Self care is essential