What's your new year resolution?

Pouya Lo
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Do you think having a new year's resolution works? What are yours and how do you track them?


Bryan Seok
I have failed many years because it was just written in my head. Now I'm using a planner app to stick on to them! hope it's helpful!
Noëlie Rx
Honestly, I stopped having resolutions. I've never been able to keep them. Now, instead, I set goals for myself to achieve within the year. For 2020, my goals were to get an apartment, my master's degree and a permanent contract, as well as passing my driver's license. I managed to achieve three of these objectives: the master's degree, the permanent contract and the apartment. For 2021 I will try to get my driver's license and focus on my mental health. To track them down it's quite simple they are present on post-it notes that I can see regularly to motivate myself. I'm also using taskade to help me on some stuff about that.
Corinne Pelletier
@noelie_rx have you tried using any mental health apps?
Noëlie Rx
@corinne_pelletier Yes actually, I did. But I don't think they're right for me. I tried meditation app, AI psychology app and some others stuff. But as soon as they ask me to follow some breathing rhythm I'm so confused, and I get angry because I can't follow the breathing. But I'm being followed by a therapist to help me with all these struggle and to get a good balance with my mental health. It's a cost compared to some free apps, but it's the thing that's helping me the most!
Maya Ben Zid
Basically, finish 2020 resolutions. I just need this pandemic to leave us alone so I can travel. I also look forward to successfully expand the website my team and I are working on internationally and boost my networking skills! Learning Japanese is also on the list... But the most important thing is to look after my wellbeing :)
Jane Jenkins
be happie and quite smoking. NavyArmyCCU
Enehezeyi Fausat
Just enjoy the year as it comes
Ali Anari
Read 15 pages per day!