What's your favourite remote work setting?

Dhruv Bhatia
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Where do you like to work from: 1. Home 2. Coffee shop 3. Co-working space 4. Beach 5. Something else I love working from coffee shops ☕


Dhruv Bhatia
@luke_v Nice! How do you manage to separate work from your personal life?
Nova N.
Home sweet home for me.
Dhruv Bhatia
@nova_n interesting. I find it hard to separate work from personal life at home...Any tips for achieving this?
Sreerag Menon
Hill Station!! with some beautiful Scenery.
Fabio Basile
Home then Coffee Shop, lately with all the restrictions I have started to really miss coffee shops and I can't wait to get back to normality.
Mark Goodson
5. The pub... once Covid is over!
Dhruv Bhatia
@markg For reals? With alcohol or without?
Gabrielė Jusaitytė
Previous to the pandemic, I loved coffee shops and libraries and could never focus enough to work from home. Now, I have to come up with new strategies every other week to avoid distractions, but it's manageable. Either way, I'm glad I will now have the option to WFH, but I'm eager to get back to coffee shops!
Dhruv Bhatia
@gabriele_jusaityte What strategies have worked for you? I find it very hard to separate work from personal life at home...
Gabrielė Jusaitytė
@dhruv_bhatia Well...I tried to distribute tasks into timeframes (didn't work - estimates usually were off), then I tried to-do lists which I would need to follow chronologically (I will have lunch only after I finish 'x') and this worked probably the longest, but some things that are out of your control can easily change your plans, and I'm then you are back to square one 😅 Now I'm trying to 'book' time for work - for instance from 12pm to 5pm I'm in 'do not disturb' mode and anything that comes my way during this time should be ignored. All of this is some sort of mind game, but without it I'm usually all over the place 😅 As with personal life - it is great to have some rules as well, especially when you're a founder/maker/etc, as it usually feels that if you're having some time off, you're not working hard enough. Though I believe that the opposite is true - when you're rested, had spent quality time with friends/family and yourself, you can be more creative, motivated and in the end of the day - more happy. So, I also try to intentionally 'book' time for everything else, but work 👌
Gabrielė Jusaitytė
@dhruv_bhatia haha, it sort of is! 😅 What about you? You mentioned that you find it hard to achieve work-life balance, have you experimented with rules/strategies/etc?
Dhruv Bhatia
@gabriele_jusaityte I try to follow processes without focusing on goals and believe in habit stacking. For example, if I don't feel like doing work, I force myself to do just one more task and then I feel great about myself 😅. I basically follow James Clear's Atomic Habits
Gabrielė Jusaitytė
@dhruv_bhatia That sounds rewarding! 😅 I assume you liked the book! I ordered it just this week (very late to the hype), but now my expectations are very high 😅
Vladimír Seman
home with occasional coffee shop. before covid i was regular in a one coffee place with co-working. that was ideal for the calls. i can't really make a call in the noisy coffee shop.
Dhruv Bhatia
@vladojsem interesting point...I guess depending on the nature of your work, home might be a better option than working from a coffee shop.
It used to be the coffee shop 😭 If only I could make coffee like that at home.
Dhruv Bhatia
@zacpross haha, really? I feel that I make much better coffee at home, but I really like (and miss) the vibe of a coffee shop
Nico Spijker
I really enjoy a mix of from home and co-working space (with an occasional coffee shop day)!
Nico Spijker
@dhruv_bhatia I think in the start-up and remote workers' scene it could see some growth. For people working for larger companies I'm more skeptical considering that larger companies would not really support people going to a co-working space if they have an office somewhere within transport distances pre-corona (I feel, no personal experience in this though), and if they don't reimburse the cost it's an important hurdle...
Nico Spijker
@dhruv_bhatia Slightly off-topic but as a remote worker I'd love to hear your opinion on our product that just went live :)! We're always looking for improvements :P - https://www.producthunt.com/post... -- Feel free to ping me on twitter, would love to have a chat!
Andriy Frankevych
Home but in pre-covid times I enjoyed some occasional coffee shop work sessions. Switching your working context from time to time can have a huge postitive inpact on productivity
the library is great
Andrey Trusov
Library is great, and parents home too!
Coffee shop. But with covid it is no more available.
Fabian Maume
Tea house with Yerba maté and dual screen for the laptop.
Bikash Kampo
Roof top of my house in morning and during evening on my sofa.
Maria Stoyanova
Coworking definitely :)
Nika Shikh
Co-working place with a possibility to take a power nap.
Sam Liebeskind
@dhruv_bhatia5 I wish I could say beach! but honestly, home at my desk with a 2nd screen/monitor is my favorite place to work.
Vinay Patankar
Home in general if I have a good setup (I nomad around a lot so tend to rebuild my setup every few months), but I do enjoy chilling at a cafe to change it up and have food and coffee brought to me while I work.